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Welcome! My name is Chris and thanks for visiting my Insanity Workout Review site. I live and wok in St. Louis Missouri, have significant experience with exercise and fitness, and I would like to discuss why I feel buying the Insanity Workout is NOT the best idea!

insanity workout reviewThere is no way that anyone could deny the fact that we all want to maintain a high level of health and fitness in our lives. The reason why this is happening, is that we are now able to get much more information that wasn’t available 20 years ago. We are aware of the many dangers of living a sedentary life, but we are also driven by the need to look our best when we go to the beach or simply because we want to feel better about ourselves and our appearance in general.
I have always been kind of a big guy and I envied those guys that had the slim bodies that women seemed to love so much. The last ten years have shown me that the new hot look is not the big muscles and the bulky body. The new sexy look is the slim guy with ripped abs and toned muscles. I consider myself to be a mesomorph that has some endorphin characteristics, but I wanted to do everything in my power to achieve that slim and toned look that seems to be the body type that women like now more than anything other look. This led me to create this Insanity Workout Review and recommend an Insanity Workout alternative that is better for your body.

Insanity Workout review- Why not to buy.


Let’s face it, we are all driven by vanity in a certain way. Both men and women want to look good, but there are many people who only wish they looked great, while others actually do something to make that happen. In my case I found the solution when I bought the insanity workout program back in late 2011. Now I’m here to give you a quick Insanity workout review that will provide a very fair point of view on the program. I know that the title might make it seem like I don’t consider the Insanity workout to be good, but that is not the case. This article was made to give my honest Insanity Workout Review– Good and bad.
I will start by saying that I got everything I expected from the Insanity workout program, but I also realized that this was way too much grueling work for anyone to want to endure it more than the 60 days that the challenge requires from you. I got slimmer, I got more tone and I was able to get rid of my love handles, but there are many things about the insanity workout that you need to know before you consider buying it.

Insanity Workout Review



SECRET TIP:  This program starts at $120 and requires extreme discipline and dedication 7 days a week!  There are MUCH CHEAPER alternatives that are JUST as effective, less grueling and cost HALF as much!


Check these programs out below!

For Men- The Adonis Golden Rule Ratio System

For Women- The Venus Factor

Tried and tested Insanity Workout Review


The first thing is that the program is not meant for people who are not used to exercise. If you are a couch potato who wants to ditch the flabby body and become a lean muscular stud, you are going to be disappointed when you are unable to finish 10 minutes of insanity per day. The workout takes at least 45 minutes to complete and only a highly skilled and trained athlete could ever complete it without fainting. This is actually a very hard program that can be hard on your muscles and it can be very difficult for anyone to continue to do it their whole life. I say this because you are not going to keep your insanity results if you don’t continue to work out indefinitely. Your results will go away in just a month or two if you don’t continue to work out, so don’t expect the 60 day program to keep your body fit forever after you are finished.
The truth is that the insanity workout review that are out there can be a bid misleading on the kind of results you get from this program. You are not going to build muscles with Insanity, but you will definitely tone the muscles you already have. If you truly want to achieve a better physique, you are probably going to have to mix the insanity program with other workouts.



My personal insanity workout review and why I think you shouldn’t purchase this product!

The makers of Insanity claim that “NEW” studies indicate that there are no added benefits to working out for over 60 minutes.  Duh!  This is OLD information.  Physical fitness experts have know this fact for decades!  This is just another marketing gimmick to fool people who don’t know better.  INSANITY is shorter duration but a much higher intensity and faster pace.  It sounds and feels very similar to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  training.  HIIT training was actually invented by Arthur Jones back in the 1970’s.  He was also the founder of the company Nautilus.

Insanity Workout alternative

The good news is that there are several Insanity Workout alternative that won’t fail to deliver the results you want and it will cost much less while putting no serious strain in your body and forcing you to complete nearly impossible workout routines. Here are 2 below. Insanity Workout alternative for men and woman.

Insanity Workout alternative Insanity Workout alternative

Check these programs out below!

For Men- The Adonis Golden Rule Ratio System

For Women- The Venus Factor


Hopefully you will find this insanity workout review helpful and it will allow you to make a better decision when you purchase a Insanity Workout alternative.

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